Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fan Mail from Natosha

I previously bought Prisoners of Pride before you changed the ending. Please send me the new ending... Thank you! 


Yes, Natosha the ending has been changed. The original concept was a two book series, but because of publishers had been lengthened to three. Since then I've parted ways with publishers and have returned to the original concept of the two book series.



Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fan Mail from Crystal


I really enjoyed the gate series, I just wondered if there will be a third? Thanks.

Sorry Crystal, book 2 has been given an alternate ending and ends the series. Please contact me if anyone wants the new book ending for free!

FAN MAIL from Renee


Hi- just read your "The Gate at Lake Forest" and loved it. I'm trapped in the hospital and it passed some hard hours much more pleasantly. Thanks for sharing your gifts! I will be advancing your book sales in the future!

Fan Mail from Paulina


My name is Paulina, Im a girl from México, and when I was surfing on net I find this book, but I cant find the way to download the saga! Can you help me please? I don't know why I know I'll love this saga... And I'll read it... As soon as I find the page to download it x(
I'll really appreciate your help :)

Fan Mail from Dawn


Hey, my daughter just sent me a text saying that your book has been really popular in the library. One of the teachers will be reading it out loud to her class!!!

Fan Mail from Tammie


(In regards for the 3rd book in Guardians of the Gate)
What will the title of the book be? 
 So that I may be for on the lookout for it please... 
Thank you!

-Sorry Tammie, there won't be a book 3. Book 2 has an alternate ending. Email me (anyone with book 2) who wants the new ending. 

Fan Mail from Charla VandeBerg

Fan Mail

Yesterday, you dropped off a series of books at Raymond B. Stewart 
Middle School in Zephyrhills, The Gate of Lake Forest Series and I 
must say WOW! The ladies in the media gave me your books to read and I must say I could not put them down. I read the first book in one 
night; I know my students would love to hear more about your books. I was wondering if you come to schools and talk about your books.
I would love to hear from you.
Thank you
-Charla VandeBerg